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 As a child I remember loving Saturday mornings and watching 'Multi-coloured Swap Shop' and 'Tiswas'.  I think you either loved on or the other – not both!  For me it was ‘Swap Shop’ because it was organised – unlike the latter.  I also remember Timmy Mallet on 'It’s Wac-a-Day'.  



I also followed the latest music scene by watching such shows like Top Of The Pops.  I hated that pop videos were never played in its entirety and that some songs were performed by 'Legs and Co'.  Who cared about women prancing around over 'Summer Nights' when all I wanted was to see a clip from 'Grease'.


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'Fear On Four


On Radio 4 there was a horror story series called 'The Man In Black' which featured twelve horrors stories introduced by Edward De Sousa.

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The Snowman Killing



William & Mary



The Monkey's Paw



Music Lovers


The Beast with Five Fingers



Every Detail But One


By The River Fontainebleau



The Face



Mind Well The Tree



Fat Andy



A Day at the Dentist



The Speciality of the House